Your Best Idea Yet

So what’s it going be… Well, let’s see

What would make it the best idea… How would we measure success? What are we trying to achieve?

Donor acquisition play? Get more people who like what we do and trust us to spend what the give us wisely. Then let’s see what our journey together looks like. A Facebook party fundraiser, a coffee morning, a table quiz, a 5k, their first Marathon, a legacy in their will.

Or perhaps we are doing a simple revenue generation exercise? We need cash fast to execute and meet an urgent need, food for starving people, beds and clothing for homeless, so the ask is different and events may not be the way to go.

You are planning your year’s activities, profiling your donors, and working out what will have the most impact on your organisations ability to grow and serve your cause.

Of course a Dog Picnic, it’s a must. So our advise

  1. Set your Goals
  2. Get some Budget (read below)
  3. Mine your Data – Dog Lovers who have donated in the past 12 months ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. Compel them, Tell your story, draw them in.
  5. Strategy – Call to Action
  6. You have them now – Nurture them. Turn you, event participants, into life long givers.

If you don’t have time to focus on the right event, those that generate the most revenue, those that build you database for you major events, those things that help those working to fundraise for you to raise more, then sit down and for 5 days, just one week, track your time. See what you spend your time doing. Writing thank you letters, counting coin, preparing lodgment records, talking with finance about month-end. and after that let’s have a conversation about how can perhaps help to take away some of that pain. If you’d like to start the conversation, just fill in the form below and we will do a no hard sell call with you. And if you like what you hear you can choose to take a look. But one thing is for sure, we will both learn something.

Thanks for reading.

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