A simple Thank You Email or Welcome Email – Where to start …

So as we onboarded another new CHAMP Client this week and got them all set up to start singing up their runners and walker for the great event that is the Women’s Mini Marathon, part of our checklist was the welcome email.

So to support them as we try to do we might make some suggestions, the obvious things… Be clear, communicate what they have signed up for and what they need to next or what is going to happen next. They have done their bit so don’t frustrate them. Make it simple, keep it simple.

You want a TeeShirt – OK – our form will suddently expand to capture your postal address so we can send it to you. Back at the office CHAMP take the order and gets it all lined up with the other orders, gets the cover letter ready, the label, updates the participant record, tracks the cash if they have given you some up front cash to take part, but lets leave that to side for now.

There is lots of stuff in the post I am going to link you to but here is my key take away.

It is nice to get a thank you and nice again to fell like you are part of something great. So tell your story, engage with them to make them feel part of something wonderful and to feel valued.

Not only is your instant auto email a chance to connect with theim in this way, but it is critical, it will help will follow up opens of your emails and will encourge them to do more, raise more, give more to your cause.

And then of course, CHAMP gives you the tools to keep that communication going with them right up to and after your event. So the time and write a good one.

All the best


The url for 25 Ways to Craft a Thank You Email for Your Customers in 2020 is here